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PPC Report on Field visits to the Midlands and Harare Provinces on the Health Delivery System [S.C 4, 2006]
Report of the Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Welfare
Presented to Parliament on May 23, 2006

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This enquiry on the health delivery system was prompted by the evidence gathered from the Health Services Board on 1st November 2005.The Board Chairperson, Dr. Lovemore Mbengeranwa and his team made revelations about the country’s ailing Health delivery system.

In it’s written and oral evidence, the Board outlined the following problems:

  • Unprecedented staff exodus and low morale for those remaining
  • Ineffectiveness of the referral system
  • ill-equipped training schools, coupled by shortage of tutors
  • general shortage and lack of equipment and skilled personnel
  • poor remuneration, lack of accommodation and other incentives for personnel in this unique sector
  • inadequate funding for the health sector over the past few years
  • shortages of essential drugs including ARVs.

The Committee resolved to conduct visits to some selected hospitals in order to get an appreciation of some of the problems raised by the Board. The findings were shocking to the Committee. The Committee found out that the Health delivery system is collapsing. Hospitals and training centers are seriously understaffed, the referral system has collapsed, buildings are dilapidated, equipment is obsolete or broken down , drugs are in short supply and erratic,. including the life-prolonging Anti Retrovirals .

Action Aid Zimbabwe and the Community Working Group on Health sponsored the Committee to under take the field visits to Gweru Provincial and Shurugwi District Hospitals in the Midlands and Harare Central and Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare .The Committee is very grateful to the two organizations in their support of the Committee’s activities and their desire for an improved health delivery system in the country.

The Committee would like to thank the Secretary for Health and Child Welfare, Dr. Mabiza and his team, the Midlands Provincial Medical Doctor, Dr. Chimusoro, Harare City Medical Superintendent, Harare Hospital Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Tapfumanei for their cooperation and support to make the Committee’s visits successful.

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